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Lavender Tassel Sachets     £4.50 each

The sachets are 6" long excluding the tassel and filled with lavender flowers. The materials used are good quality quilting fabrics and the tassels & cords are handmade using a rayon thread. The decoration is made up of flowers, cord and ribbon.                                                                                                                                                                                                        




The cushions are in patterned fabric with a contrasting insert and made in two parts, Each is filled with good quality lavender and decorated with ribbons, pearls and flowers.                                  


Lavender Cushions                           £2.50 each                                                                    

This is a range of lavender filled giftware.  We use a good quality lavender, using only the flowers, therefore the fragrance lasts longer. Also by gently squeezing the cushions the fragrance should grow stronger.


As the designers of the fabric discontinue their range very quickly, it is impossible to guarantee that the pattern on the fabric will be the same as the photo. However the colours should be approximately the same.

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Lavender Sachets                                                  £2.00 each

These sachets are made in two designs, one plain and one with a contrasting overskirt. Please leave a message which is preferred. Patterns may vary from the photo, but colours are approximately the same.



   cream                Brown                lilac                    purple

cream                    burgundy                          lilac                        purple

cream                  Brown                    lilac                        purple

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