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A6 Special Occasion cards   £2.00 each

A7 Sixpence Cards £1.50 each

The A6 size cards are made from linen card with a blank insert and all cards have a genuine pre-decimal sixpence attached, with the exception of the Golden Wedding

which has a pre-decimal genuine Jenny Wren farthing.

Each card has a matching envelope

These are A7 size folded cards with a genuine pre-decimal sixpence attached, apart from the

'Grooms Lucky Penny'

which is a matching set to the 'Brides sixpence'


The cards are supplied with an matching envelope

All the above are made from white linen card  with a silver card backing

These two cards are made with cream linen card with a gold card backing

New Baby

Lucky Sixpence

Wedding Sixpence

Special Friend Sixpence

Buy Buy special friend 6p baby sixpence weddin sixpence 2 lucky sixpence

lilac card backing

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