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A6 Special Occasion cards   £2.00 each

A7 Sixpence Cards £1.50 each

The A6 size cards are made from linen card with a blank insert and all cards have a genuine pre-decimal sixpence attached, with the exception of the Golden Wedding

which has a pre-decimal genuine Jenny Wren farthing.

Each card has a matching envelope

These are A7 size folded cards with a genuine pre-decimal sixpence attached, apart from the

'Grooms Lucky Penny'

which is a matching set to the 'Brides sixpence'


The cards are supplied with an matching envelope

White with pink or  blue

All the above cards are made from white linen card edged with silver

Available in cream linen card edged with gold

New baby

Lucky Sixpence

bride and groom

Wedding Sixpence

Special Friend Sixpence

Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy a7 new baby Lucky sixpence